Dear Seamexian

Have you heard the name of Lokananta?
Here’s the interesting trivia for you.
Lokananta is the first and only state-owned music record company (label) in Indonesia. The company, which is located in Solo, Central Java, and was established on October 29, 1956, was originally named “Pabrik Piringan Hitam Lokananta Jawatan Radio Kementerian Republik Indonesia (Lokananta Record Station Factory of the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia)”. Its main function at that time was as an implementing unit for the duplication of RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia or Indonesian National Radio) broadcast material.
Over time, the name Lokananta began to be introduced in 1958. Lokananta began marketing vinyl records to the public through RRI. The name Lokananta itself is taken from the Javanese wayang mythology which more or less means “a set of heavenly gamelan that can sing itself melodically.” Lokananta will be one of the exhibitors at the SEAMEX 2019 Exhibition. Of course this is interesting because Lokananta will play some of their music archives. A rare archive only owned by Lokananta. Of course this is too bad to miss. By visiting the Lokananta exhibition booth, Seamexian can gain the experience of listening to classical music from LPs, as well as learning about the history of music and the only state-owned music recording company in Indonesia.
Mark your date! Don’t miss it.
SEAMEX 2019 will be held at the Jogja National Museum (JNM) on 6, 7, 8 September 2019


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